Pinto Beans for Chili

**edit**  As I looked back over the blog today, I came across this post, and realized that it is a bit odd, and out of character with my other recipes.  There was much more to the story of these beans!

I threw my husband a surprise birthday party in November 2012, which was quite a feat since he doesn’t drive and I rely on him for my transportation!!  These are the beans I served with the Mexican themed meal (with many ideas and recipes taken from this post at The Yummy Life!), and I had spent a day cooking the dried beans and getting them hidden in the freezer while he was at work.  I made a double batch and used the second half for chili that night.  He was none the wiser!


It’s been a long month since I was here.  I’ve had a few passionate moments here and there, but the emotion is fleeting, and it seems that I can’t sit down and type when the mood is exactly right.  Normally, in the absence of passionate posts about social issues, I’d post an amazing recipe or a quick week-night dinner idea, but the truth is that I haven’t been cooking.  Because of hubby’s part time status, the cash is slow to come in.  Lately, I’ve made most of our meals from things in the cabinet, and I can assure you that they’re not worth typing out!

I did make some good chili the other night.  It had just a little too much spice for my tastes, but it wasn’t incredibly hot.  I’m sure I’ll make these beans again and decrease the heat a little.  They’re pretty easy beans, and are great to have in the freezer for a quick meal.



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