Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, I was a teenager.  I had one friend in the world, bless her. We grew up, went our separate ways, and had separate lives.

And then Facebook.

Through Facebook, we’ve reconnected. I have some kids.  She has some too.  Her oldest and my youngest are in the same grade.  She’s a single mom. I’ve been a single mom.  Her youngest is a girl.  My youngest is a girl.  

I met her youngest, Lilli, when I bought Girl Scout cookies this year She sold me a lot of them!  Lilli is an artist.  She is resilient.  She is beautiful.  She has some amazing friends.  I can prove it.  Watch.

No, really.  Click this link and watch and/or read. I’ll wait.

Ok, so now you know.  There are four kids here in Kansas, beautiful friends, that have been selling lemonade for the past week, trying to raise $2000 to make sure their friend, Lilli, can go to the Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis Conference in Anaheim, California.

Lilli was invited to attend the conference, and that cost is covered, but her mother, a teacher, still has to cover transportation costs from Kansas to California.  It would be nice if they could eat while they are there, too. 😉

Lilli’s amazing friends have sold about $600 worth of lemonade, but we need to reach a larger audience. That’s you.  Please, please, please visit the fundraising page and make a donation.  We aren’t asking for large amounts of money, although they are welcome.  Tonight I’ve challenged my Facebook friends to help me raise $50, beginning with my own $10 donation.  What about you?  Can you make a $2 donation?  Maybe $5?  Dollars add up, and the few dollars you give will have an eternal impact on a young girl and her family. 

Here is the link to the fundraising page:  Life Handed Her Lemons

Thank you for helping.


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