Teeny, Tiny Baby Steps

I posted this update on Facebook yesterday, August 13, 2013:

Guys, I finally weighed myself again today. After breakfast. And I’ve lost right at TWENTY POUNDS!!! This means that anyone can do it. I don’t eat as healthy as I could, but I have made very small changes. I’ll try to blog about some of those tiny, tiny steps later today. I’m so encouraged! I just have to keep going, and i know it won’t get any easier.

Later in the day I looked back at my blog to see when I first posted about weight loss, and that was four months ago today!  So, in four months, I’ve lost 20 pounds.  That doesn’t really sound that impressive, but I’m excited!  I have taken off real weight with real changes, even though those changes are small, and I mean s-m-all.  Let me give you some examples.

  • I gave up pop.  Kind of.  For the first few weeks it was hard for me to drive through McDonald’s (a regular habit) and order tea.  I really, really wanted a Coke.  Or Dr. Pepper.  But I stuck to it, and resisted.  After a few weeks I drank a Diet Coke.  I figured if I wanted it bad enough to drink diet pop, I could have it.  I hate diet, but I really wanted it.  I’m trying to avoid a lot of fake sugar, too, so now I have a Coke when I want one, which is about once a week.  I drink a smaller amount (12 oz vs. 32 oz) and sometimes can’t finish it.  It’s really sweet!!
  • The other night, after pre-k open house and a failed attempt at dinner, I made chili cheese dogs, with canned chili.  Obviously, this is NOT a healthy meal, but life happens.  What I DID do was cut out at least 110 calories by splitting one hot dog bun in half and placing a hot dog on each half instead of eating two buns.  Honestly, I’m sure I saved more calories and sodium (and who knows what else!) because less bread meant less canned chili to cover my bread.
  • When I eat toast and eggs for breakfast, I eat one piece of toast instead of two.  It saves me 75 calories (bread) plus whatever I would put on it, usually butter.
  • I used to butter our vegetables, especially canned.  I use mostly fresh and frozen veggies, but I’m still a slave to the budget, and can’t turn down a good deal on cans.  Either way, I don’t butter.
  • This last one isn’t so much of a recent change, but I avoid “cream of crap” soup at all costs!  Have you read the labels on canned food???  I do have a couple of old recipes that call for cream soup, and we love them.  I make them as an occasional treat, but if I’m looking at a new recipe and it calls for creamed soup, I skip it.  I’m not going to get hooked on a new recipe like that!
  • **edit** I have to add one more point, regarding salads.  Most of us, when trying to diet, run to the salads.  I’ve switched to oil based dressings (Italian, vinaigrette) instead of cream based dressings (ranch).  I also measure my dressing.  If you’ve never done this, you’ll be shocked.  I also use black pepper to help season my salads in place of lots of dressing.

Of course, I need to mention that I actually read labels and measure my food (most of the time).  I am aware of what I’m eating and how much I’m eating, even when what I’m eating isn’t a healthy choice.

And I work out!  My workouts are very simple, and don’t last forever, but I can tell that I’m building strength!  Slow and steady wins the race, and I’m going to WIN!!  I just might not finish the race when you do.


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