Snap Challenge, Part 2

Well, this challenge is proving to be more difficult than I thought, but it’s not so much about the money.  It’s about me.  (And if you know me, you know that it’s ALL about me!!)  Really, though, I’ve had so many weeks lately of cooking every meal totally from scratch that I’m ready for some easy, short-cut foods.  I’m also trying to have dinner ready for the family by 6:00, but hubby doesn’t get home until nearly 7:00.  That means I’m in the kitchen alone, which isn’t as fun for me!  It also means I’m cooking twice, or trying to figure out how to keep things warm, or reheat without turning things to rubber.

So…this is what we’ve had so far.

Friday night I cheated and ordered pizza.  Not good pizza, though…cheap pizza.  Don’t think that people using snap benefits don’t eat pizza, though.  I’ve been known to order a pizza from a certain “take and bake” pizza chain, or from the grocery store deli.

Saturday morning I made cinnamon rolls (from a can) and scrambled eggs with ham (lunch meat) and cheese.  Lunch was hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls, and I set out choices of applesauce, potato salad, and chips.  Dinner was mushroom swiss burgers.  They were supposed to be served with tater tots, but only four of us ended up eating, and it was late, so I set out the potato salad and applesauce again.  Lazy, I tell you!!

Sunday…well, breakfast is find your own.  Lunch was at Wendy’s for the four of us that went to church.  Dinner was…yeah, I don’t usually cook on Sunday nights.  Who knows what people ate around here!  This is NOT normal for our family, but this weekend has been nuts!!

Stay tuned for the next few days of meals.  I’m going to have to start cooking soon! 😉


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