Snap Challenge, Part 3

Obviously, I’ve gotten a little behind on posting, but I’m about to catch you up!  Things have been a little bit crazy here.

I left off on Sunday with my last post, so we’ll start with Monday.  (I think I can remember that far back!)

Monday…well, that was fast.  I can’t remember.  I’ll check with the family and report back!

Tuesday breakfast was fend for yourself, as are most breakfasts here.  Lunch was from the $1.00 Wendy’s menu.  We had to take our little one from one school to the next, and were running late.  With just over 30 minutes to eat and get across town, this seemed like the only way to do it.  I wasn’t easy, though, because things had come up and money was getting really tight.  That evening we made a Taco Pasta recipe that was awful.  I didn’t have a lot to  choose from for a last minute meal, but Google helped me locate something that I had ingredients for.  Yuck!  It’s not going in the regular rotation.

Wednesday breakfast was find your own.  Lunch for those at home was bologna sandwiches and chips.  Dinner was at church for those of us that went.  Those at home had to find their own again.

Thursday was breakfast on your own, and lunch was bologna and cheese or peanut butter and cheese, with chips and apples. For dinner, I finally cooked!  We had baked pork chops, corn casserole, and green beans.  That was wonderful after a week of not really cooking!!!  Husband was happy, for sure! 🙂

Today is Friday.  Breakfast was whatever could be found.  Lunch was actually deli pizza, which is a bit unusual, but we had nearly the whole family home due to illness.  Dinner tonight was supposed to be beef pot pies, made from a small roast I had in the freezer, but I spent a good chunk of the afternoon at the doctor with one of the kiddos, and didn’t get the meat cooking as early as I had hoped.  Instead, we’re going to have roast and potatoes, with small-ish meat portions.  I’ll probably find another veggie in the freezer to warm up to go along with it since we didn’t have any fresh carrots.

I’ve also been to the store twice this week.  Once was on Tuesday, when circumstances told me that we’d be hard pressed to buy food for the week.  I went to the store to get what I could, and prayed that we’d make it through the week, until next Tuesday.

Here is what I bought on that trip:

2 liter of pop x 3 ^*

juice boxes (necessary for little guy’s lunch)

sour cream^*

sandwich cheese x2 ^*


hot dogs x2^


shredded cheese x2^

I’m really pretty proud of this trip.  I wanted to get things for lunches, knowing dinners were probably covered.  The coupons I used were all coupons I received in the mail as a result of using my shoppers card.  The pop I paid 90 cents for (about 30 cents each) and the chips were free!!  I saved 56% according to our receipt.  I’ll take it!!

Stay tuned for another post regarding today’s shopping trip.


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