Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat {that}

A quick Google search tells me all I need to know about Green Bean Casserole.

The strange casserole was invented in 1955… (source)

I grew up eating Green Bean Casserole, and I thought everyone else did too.  After all, it’s the American Thanksgiving comfort staple, right?  Well, I did grow up eating Green Bean Casserole, but not that Green Bean Casserole.  My mom made the most amazing casserole on special occasions, and I’m still making it for my kids.  In fact, I’ve suggested making some changes to our traditional Thanksgiving menu, but the family has rebelled.  They We NEED this dish each year!

Because I love you, and because I love to share good food with my friends, I’m going to share my mom’s recipe with you.  And because I love you, I’m going to share this recipe the way my mom made it, not the way it was originally written.  This is significant.  I’ll explain that some day, but in the mean time, make this dish for the people you love.  They’ll give thanks, for sure!

Green Bean Casserole

Combine: 2 Tablespoons butter, melted
  2 Tablespoons flour

Cook gently and remove from heat.


Stir in: 1 teaspoon salt
  ½ teaspoon pepper
  1 teaspoon sugar
  ½  teaspoon minced onion
  1 cup sour cream
Fold in: 4 (15.5 oz) cans of green beans, drained

Place in shallow 2 quart casserole

Cover with: ½ pound grated cheddar cheese
  ½ cup cornflake crumbs mixed with 1 Tablespoon butter
Bake: 350° for 20 minutes



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