March 3

I’m grateful for second chances, and forgiveness, and new opportunities.

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I’m grateful for snow days when the windchill is 15-25 below.

I’m grateful for a home filled with laughter, and for the hugs Brandon gave me when I told him his friend was coming over to spend the day.

I’m grateful for my vacuum cleaner, a gift from some friends.

I’m grateful for clean laundry to fold, and for the dishes to wash, because it means we have clothes to wear and food to eat.

I’m grateful for a husband that worked really hard on a cleaning project last night and did more in one hour than I have done in weeks.

I’m grateful for the relationship I’ve built with my grocery store employees.  By learning names and using them, and sharing a smile and I kind word, we have made friends.  That paid off yesterday when the “meat guy” showed me where the good deal was.  Yes, this is for a three pound chub.  I got two of them.

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I’m grateful for Monday’s, because they are a sign that Tuesday and Wednesday (my husband’s days off) are almost here.  He’s my best friend, and I really enjoy spending time with him.


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