One Way We Eat So Well

I’ve often said that our family eats better than poor people should.  We really do…you’ll rarely look at our dinner table and think we want for much.  I do my best to clip coupons and stock up when things are on sale, and I try to use every usable thing so that very little goes to waste.  (I’m not perfect, but I try hard!)

In the past I’ve shared some of the savings I get when I coupon, but I thought I’d share the break down of a trip that didn’t use any coupons today.  I have already made two trips to the grocery store this month.  The first trip was mostly coupon items that were also on sale, but I added in some basic staples as well.  The second trip was just to take advantage of some coupons for items that were already on sale.  Today’s trip was to stock up on meat for our freezer.  Here’s what I got:

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts 3.68 pounds @ $1.79/pound 6.59
Boneless, skinless chicken breasts 3.82 pounds @ $1.79/pound 6.84
Bonelss pork loin half 5.11 pounds @ $1.79/pound 9.16
Bonelss pork loin half 5.00 pounds @ $1.79/pound 8.95
Loaf Wheat Bread 2 @ .49 each 0.98
Sour Cream 16 ounce 1.34
Large eggs 5 dozen 8.49
TOTAL: 42.35

I had the meat department slice the pork loins about 3/4″ of an inch thick, and I ended up with exactly 30 slices!  I froze them in packages of six for our family of seven.  I have one daughter that doesn’t eat much pork, and so six is usually plenty for us.  My mathematician husband will quickly point out that I spent 60¢ per chop, or 3.60 per meal.  That’s AWESOME!

Most likely, I’ll bake or grill one package of chicken as is.  The other package I’ll use for two meals by making things like fajitas, stir fry, soups, or casseroles.  It’s a great way to stretch the meat, and still keeps my protein cost below about $5.00 for a meal!

The bread was marked down.  Our store marks down bread with about a week left on the “best buy” date, and we have no problem using it up before it molds.  The sour cream I bought for a specific recipe, and the eggs are a staple.  We were down to about 5 eggs, and I use them in baking and for breakfast, and I also like to make breakfast for dinner sometimes.

There you have it.  Our freezer is stocked for the rest of the month, at least, and I did it at a good price!


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